General Session

April, 11 – 9:00 am — 12:00 pm CST


Why are we here? The business world will not have been left unaffected by digital transformation. Carlos will walk attendees through the landscape we find ourselves in and the role customer experience will play in digital transformation.

Using Disruption to drive transformation

How John managed a digital transformation as CEO of Cisco, and simultaneously enabled his enterprise clients to do the same in the age of the internet and again in the age of social.

Creating a next-gen customer experience strategy

Customer experience is not just a marketing problem. How to bridge internal silos and lead digital transformation at your organization.

Enterprise software for an ‘un-enterprise’ world

Social and digital disruption have created an “un-enterprise” world. This is the role customer experience will play and how companies are adapting.


Closing General Session

April, 12 – 9:30 am — 1:00 pm CST

Inside the Mind of a CMO:

Mohan Sawhney, Professor at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management and “CMO Sherpa” Chief Marketing Officers are faced with more challenges than ever before, including changing organizational structures, making sense of metrics and marketing ROI, and finding the right talent.

Marketing to the Future: A CMO’s Roadmap to Digital Transformation

Everyone is talking about Digital Transformation but how do we really get there? Digital Transformation really starts when an organization can unify around the customer. It’s a shift from thinking like departments to thinking customer-first through systems of nurture across Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service where all employees are Sellers; all employees are Marketers; all employees are Care; and all employees are in Research. In this session Grad Conn, General Manager & CMO, Microsoft U.S. will talk about what it takes to build a customer-centric marketing organization across every stage of the customer journey – from Anonymous Visitors to Customers & Fans.