Grad Conn

General Manager and CMO

As general manager for the Microsoft U.S. Central Marketing Organization (USCMO), Grad Conn leads a team of modern marketers and data professionals who drive B2B revenue marketing activities for the $30B Microsoft commercial business in the United States. Conn’s tenure at Microsoft spans over a decade during which he has held multiple leadership roles in both Marketing and Microsoft Research where he was responsible for the launch of Microsoft HealthVault – Microsoft’s first cloud launch and the world’s first cloud Personal Health Record (PHR).
Prior to joining Microsoft, Conn led five start-ups as either CEO or CMO, including OpenCola Inc., which was named by Fortune magazine as one of the 25 coolest technology companies of 2001, and SiteShuffle Inc., which was declared The Next Big Web Thing at ETech 2006. Conn began his career as a marketing executive at Procter & Gamble where he spent nine years as a packaged goods marketer on brands like Tide, Downy, and Mr. Clean.